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Great screen recorders aren’t always easy to come by, especially if you can’t install Cydia on your iPhone or iPad. Right now, we have few jailbreaks to choose from and most of the jailbreak community is unable to use Cydia. Until now that would have meant not being able to use screen recorders like iRec. Thankfully, the developers have brought iRec back, without needing a jailbreak, and it works on all devices. Find out more about iRec and its features by clicking the link and read on to find out how to download it.

How to Download iRec :

There are three ways to download iRec Screen Recorder to your device.

Method 1 : iRec IPA File

To download iRec to your iPhone or iPad, you need to use Cydia Impactor. Make sure these steps are followed correctly:

  1. On your Mac or Windows PC, download Cydia Impactor [ ] and save it to your desktop 
  2. Now download the .ipa file for iRec [ File – for iOS 9 and above ] [ File – for iOS 8 and below ]
  3. Using the correct cable, attach your iOS device to your computer and close iTunes if it opens
  4. Double-click the icon for Cydia Impactor to open it; it should detect your iOS device
  5. Leaving Cydia Impactor open, go to the .IPA file and drag it to the Cydia Impactor window; drop the file in.
  6. Input your Apple credentials ,  if you don’t want to use your real Apple ID, set up a dummy account for Cydia Impactor
  7. Wait while Cydia Impactor signs the file and then downloads iRec onto your iPhone and iPhone
  8. The iRec icon will appear on your home screen when the installation has been successful

Method 2 : Configuration Profile

This is a little bit trickier than the previous method so do make sure that you follow the steps properly. This method involves installing the configuration profile version of iRec , also called EveryCord app.

  1. On your iPhone or iPad, open Safari browser and go to this ( link )
  2. Wait for the page to load completely; this is an iRec information page so read it and then tap the link to Install Directly so that the configuration profile can be installed on your device
  3. Your iOS settings app will automatically open; tap on Install Profile 
  4. Type your passcode in and Safari browser opens 
  5. Tap Install iRec and then tap Install on the confirmation window
  6. Settings opens again, tap on Install > Next
  7. Tap Done and then wait for iRec to finish installing
  8. The iRec icon will be on your home page

If the icon is missing or iRec doesn’t work properly, you will need to repeat the steps as the installation has failed.

Method 3: Emu4iOS App

The other way to download iRec onto your device is to install a third-party app installer called Emu4ioS. This is one the many app installers released since Cydia stopped being updated and is full of useful apps and tweaks. Once you install it on your device, open it and search for iRec; download it and enjoy.

emu4ios logo small

  • Download Emu4iOS on

iRec Not Working Fix :

Because iRec is not an official app, Apple will revoke the app certificate within a few days of you installing it. The only way that you can stop this happening and save yourself the hassle of having to keep reinstalling it is to install a VPN service . This stops Apple from accessing the app certificate, so they can’t revoke it. Get a download guide and more information at the link .

iRec Alternatives :

iRec is already a feature-filled screen recorder but not everyone will like it or get on with it. There are alternative screen recorder apps so have a look at these:

  • AirShou :

AirShou is another screen recorder that could only be found in Cydia at one point. Like iRec, it was removed after the developers failed to update it, but it has been released once more, this time without you needing to install Cydia first. This means anyone can use it and take advantage of features like Full HD Video Recording, high-quality audio, simple on-screen controls and much more besides. Find out how to download AirShou  .

  • CoolPixel :

coolpixel 120px icon

CoolPixel is another great alternative and this one offers you much more. As well as recording your screen in 1080p at up to 60fps, and adding audio recording, you can also edit your video in-app. CoolPixel offers a great range of editing features – subtitles, dubbing, rich filters to make your video look like a movie and much more. You can import other videos or download more from BGM online. Find out more and get a CoolPixel download guide on .

Other Screen Recording Methods :

If you want to take advantage of the new screen recorder features that Apple has finally provided us with on iOS 11, get a guide on how to use them for video recording and taking screenshots at the link below.


Alternatively, if you want to use your Mac to record your iPhone or iPad screen, find out how to do it by reading the guide at the link below.

Screen Recording is growing in popularity, not surprising given the amount of time we spend on our devices these days. These apps offer some of the best options for recording your screen so let us know how you get on with them and follow us on Facebook for more tips and tricks.


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